Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to The Savvy Moms Guide. We are Bri and Amy 2 average moms who enjoy making the EveryDay SAVVY. We find ourselves starting this new adventure filled with ideas; some good, others great and many that are just plain silly. So here we sit, 2 girls putting our creativity out into the Blogging world in hopes that we may one day be featured on Amy Atlas, organize with Martha Stewart, or work with The TomKat Studio to style a party.

These women and so many others have Inspired our everyday lives through Parties, Design, Organization, and Recipes. So what we thought was missing is the Perfect Play date. One that makes us smile at the thought of creating it for our 4 little monkeys. And so The Savvy Moms Guide is Born.

Each month The Savvy Moms Guide will create the Ultimate Play date for you! So come on this journey with us as we hope to inspire you with our Play dates, Parties, Design and EveryDay Savvyness.

The Question is How Savvy are You???

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