Friday, October 22, 2010

{How Savvy are You} Chic Damask Bridal Shower

October 22, 2010

Friday's Feature......."How Savvy Are You"?

This Savvy and Stylish Bridal Shower came from our longtime friend Carrie (we have known her since we were in High School). She got the color scheme and idea for the drink umbrellas from a "Real Party" feature from Hostess With the Mostess. All of the other Styling and details came from Carries creativeness. No other vendors, just her precious time and attention to detail.

She made everything.

Love the bright green with the Damask. Very Chic

Look at the Gorgeous hanging Centerpiece Carrie created by using her Chandelier. The Scalloped "Love Never Fails" Circles are Clever and Classy . The Hanging Cone vase with the beautiful flower Arrangement Welcomed the Guests.

Carrie definitely was able to take the initial Inspiration from Hostess with the Mostess and create absolute perfection. The use of the Damask paper umbrellas is a stylish touch alongside the Adorable Corset Carrie created for the Champagne.

And that Chair for the was a Thrift Store find that Carrie picked up specifically for the Event. She refinished it with the white paint and reupholstered the cushion with the damask she used throughout.

Look at the Banner.....And the Monogram. Carrie used Mod Podge to customize the Letters to match the theme of the Shower. Now that is Savvy Styling.

All of the details of this day were Perfection. Carrie used her Photoshop to design the labels. She used to create the Frame.

Friend, You are talented and Savvy. This Shower is Stylish and Chic. Thank You for Sharing.

Amy & Bri


  1. I love this party! The theme of the shower is especially perfect. Great job Carrie. Can't wait to see more of her parties featured here (I KNOW she has many, many more that will be on here someday!)

  2. I' really loving the green with the damask! Everything looks fabulous. How cute are the accents on the straws!!

  3. Very savvy & sophisticated - love it!