About US

Hi I am Amy! I am the mother of a sweet little girl......and bouncing baby boy. My family is now complete. I am married to my High School Sweetheart, who can still give me butterflies after 14 years. I enjoy the Savvy things in life paired usually with an Iced Starbucks Carmel Machiatto. I believe that Every Shopping Bag has a story.....at least for my husband to hear (and now the World). I love function, organization, a great pair of jeans, a Vanilla Candle.....oh and a good Vacuum (since I am obsessed with clean floors). I live for creating the details that make a play date, party and EveryDay Life Savvy.

And I am Bri...a mommy of crazy, but cute twins. A lucky girl who married her High School Sweetheart, and a Type A Personality. 2 1/2 years ago I traded in my Power Suit and Jimmy Choos for Jeans and Flip Flops. I could have never imagined that life would be this great outside of Corporate America and Inside our Farm (it's 2 acres with no animals, other than a lazy Chocolate Lab, but I refer to it as the farm since it has a barn). I am in one word OBSESSIVE.....about life, perfection, details, cleanliness, budgets, good deals, clothes (for my kids), punctuality, oh and Ponytails. I live and breathe by my schedule; it really is terrifying to think of life without my calendar. When we went from "DINK" (double income no kids) to "SINK" (single income now kids) I had to get Savvy! I have learned to create "Perfection for Pennies".

Together we are The Savvy Moms. We have found that Spray Paint, Scrapbook Paper and Fabric can give anything a facelift. The Dollar Bin at Target is better than a Sale Rack at Nordstrom's (well maybe not, but that is what we tell our husbands). Pictures of family are Priceless compared to Framed Art (and cheaper). And nothing is better than Starbucks......but you can live without it, as long as you have a good Coffee Creamer.

We hope you enjoy making the EveryDay Savvy with us!!