Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversation Heart Microphone......Makes our Heart Sing!

January 13, 2011

This project really makes 'Our Heart Sing'.

Every Rocker needs a Microphone, Right?
Of course, but just any Mic would not do for our Savvy Singers.
So we decided to create one that would be a real Conversation Piece!

You will need a thick Dowel, Styrofoam Ball, Conversation Hearts and Glitter.
All of which we purchased at our local Dollar Store.

Hot Glue your Conversation Hearts to the Styrofoam Ball.

Then Glitter your Dowel.
We Prefer to use Martha Stewart glitter because it is so fine and covers nicely.

Now insert your glittered Dowel into your Heart covered Ball.
We recommend Hot Gluing the dowel into the ball, but that is optional

And your ready to sing!!!

And sing we did at our 'Rock of Love' Play Party.
Stay tuned.......

Amy & Bri

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