Thursday, January 13, 2011

Savvy Valentine Mobile

January 13, 2011

Oh how we Love Valentine's Day.

The Hearts, the Colors (we are kindof obsessed with red), and the fact that you can say LOVE 100 times a day.

And then there is the decor.......
Don't even get us started on our love for all things Valentine's.

Nothing elicits heart palpitations like a great Dollar Bin Raid.
And an even greater project from that shopping spree.

Here is our latest Savvy Style Project. Inspired by Pottery Barn Heart Strings Mobile and Pam at Party Starters Snowflake Hearts!

Get 2 packs of Large Heart Doilies and 2 packs of Smaller Doilies

$1 each from the Target Dollar Bin

(or you could create your own in varying sizes like Pam did)

You will need 3 for each 3D hanging Heart

Fold the Doilies in Half

Put ample glue in the center of each Doilie

And attach to a mirrored 2nd (and 3rd) heart.

When all 3 are glued together you will have your 3D Heart

Attach the Large and Small 3D hearts with Fishing Line

Sorry for the dark picture the space has very little light

And hang.....

There it is. Your hearts a float 3D mobile.

Super Savvy, Easy and Sweet.

Total Cost $4.


Amy & Bri

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  1. Oh so cute and cheap! LOVE!


  2. What a great and easy project to do!!!


  3. Ooohhh, I've been thinking about lacey dollies for something. Now I know where to get them....thank you!! :)

  4. I featured this Vday craft today:


  5. You girls are so darn crafty! I love the inspiration! Can't rsit to see what else you have up your sleeves!