Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry and Bright Play Party

December 16, 2010

We often get asked "How Savvy are your Play Dates Really".
To which we reply, Very Savvy. You just have to be creative.

Our Merry and Bright Play Date is a perfect example of a fun and frugal Party.

We knew as soon as we saw the Cheerful and Bright Christmas Light Party Printable Collection from InkSpot Workshop that we had found our theme.

We wanted to create a Bright and Cheery feel for the day.
To keep the styling simple since the colors were so Bright and Vibrant on the Printables.

We were thrilled when we found a Christmas Light Collection in the Dollar Bins at Target. From the collection of ribbon, wrapping supplies and paper goods we decided we only needed to purchase 2 Large gift Bags.

From the gift bags we created 4 Place mats, 3 tray inserts and 2 ribbon trim accent pieces for the wrapped boxes we used as risers.

The details of the table came together quickly and with minimal cost. We purchased 2 Rosemary trees from which we strung the printables and our Dough-a-Deer Doughnuts. This was a perfect focal point for the table and a fun and festive way to spread some cheer.

Our Craft this month was Candy Christmas Light Necklaces from Amazon.

An easy, fun and edible project for the kiddos.

The Printable Collection really was the Inspiration for the entire day. We took our Chair Ribbons from our Gingerbread Play Party and re-purposed them for this Merry and Bright Event. In keeping with the idea of stringing joy we wrapped 4 C7 Bulbs with twine and dressed up the Chalkboard (super cute right!).

For the Food we treated our guests to YUMMY Dough-a-Deer doughnuts. They were so pretty. The perfect touch to our Merry Day. As always we provided a healthy snack of Jello Christmas Trees and Pineapple Stars. In Savvy Spirit we whipped up some Light Bulb Cookies by dipping Nutter Butters in colored Wilton Candy Melts (we definitely are not Kolby Kakes ).

The total cost of the day was $27....Super Savvy for this Seasonal Shindig!!!

Sorry E...those are not lollies they are Printable Toppers.

The day was so Merry and Bight even our Littlest Guests wanted to take part in the fun.

So glad Ella B was there to capture all of the HoHoHo's and Jolly happenings.

We hope you have a Merry Little Christmas filled with Bright Savvy Stylings.


Amy & Bri


  1. My playgroup would just FLIP if I had something like this set up when they arrived! You guys are awesome, this looks like so much fun for the little ones. Ya'll are so good with the details!


  2. totally cute!! :) another great job, girls!

  3. Oh my cuteness! My gfs would LOVE this! Thx for always being so darn fabulous!!!
    Genevieve =)

  4. So happy to have been asked to help! Your play dates make everyone wish they were a kid:) or at least lived near you two!! Great job, love all the little details.