Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Savvy Snow Day

December 19, 2010

Pack your skis and Snowboards and get ready to play,
Come and enjoy our Savvy "Snow Day".

Be sure you dress warm in all your snow gear.
As we celebrate the ending of another year.

In Southern Ca it does not snow.
We wish it did (but just for a day or two).

So for our Annual Christmas Party we decided to throw a CA Snow Day.
In Savvy Style we used things we had around the house.

TomKat's Tweet Holiday Collection was the perfect Printable Collection for the Snow Day. Kim is so Fabulous she even customized the labels for us.

Our buddy Jason recently started a Photography business and captured the Savvy Snow Stylings for us. Thanks J~

The treats were all Snow themed. Kolby Kakes baked a ridiculously delicious and ADORABLE Snow Man cake. Scrapbook paper cones filled with popcorn served as Snow Cones, and Chocolate Mini donuts as tubes.

Pretzels Dipped in White Chocolate with snowflake Sprinkles were our Ski Poles, and Nutter Butters with chocolate tips were our Snow Shoes. No Snow Day is complete without snowflakes, our were individually designed cookies by Kolby Kakes.

Do you know how much Snow Costs?
In CA a lot.......

So we created our own Savvy Style Snow.

50+ balloons and Some Shredded Paper made for a fun time.

All of the kiddos had a blast playing in our Savvy Snow (and they were toastie warm). All you could hear was laughter as they would throw the balloons in air pretending it was snowing. Who knew $4 worth of Balloons could be so much fun.

They were all so cute in their Snow Wear.
What a Memory!

Savvy Snow Smiles......

From the Savvy Moms!!!!

Amy & Bri


  1. HOW CUTE! I love the "snow cones" and the "ski poles". Looks like a super fun party!!!!!


  2. Thank You Paula! You are always so sweet~

  3. Adorable! Love all the snack "snow" names you came up with. Too Cute! No snow here in Florida, so this is such a fun idea ;)