Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Apple A Day.....

September 16, 2010

As we mentioned before we generally try to feed our kids healthy food with good nutritional value. The challenge comes in that we love to eat Apple Pie, Apple Fritters, Apple Strudel Muffins, Apple Jacks and sometimes do so in front of our kids (not really, on..maybe occasionally). Nonetheless, we really don't like our kids to have such foods, we would rather them enjoy Healthy food. But sometimes that just does not happen....

("Buzz" getting a Sugar Rush from his Kolby Kakes Apple Pop)

So then we were at Costco, buying the whole store as always, when we came across the perfect Snack. One that we would like (did we mention that we love those Taco Bell cinnamon twist things too) and our kids would love. Have you seen these??

Oh my Goodness...They are Fantastic!!!! These Cinnamon Apple Straws are made by Sensible Portions. You may be familiar with the company, they are the makers of Veggie Straws (which are a staple in our houses). Anyways....this All Natural Snack has No Trans Fat, No Preservatives, is Cholesterol Free, Kosher Ou and above all Tastes Great!!!!

If that is not enough to make you Smile they are under $4 at Costco (in CA). We hope they make you do the mommy dance knowing that you are giving your kids a healthy snack that they will love.

Some Fun Facts about Apples....

Eating Apples regularly may help prevent Breast Cancer. Researchers find that it is the flavonoids which are the antioxidant property that is to be credited.

Get Glowing Skin by massaging your face for 3 minutes with an ice cube of frozen apple cider. The alpha hydroxy acids improve your skins texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Eating low-calorie, high-fiber fruit like apples 3 times a day were able to Drop a Dress Size

So maybe an Apple a Day does keep the Dr. AWAY!!!!

All facts found online. Referenced from Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Ole Henriksen. Nutrition Journal. Parents Magazine September 2010.


Amy & Bri

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