Friday, September 24, 2010

A Savvy Pink & Green Princess Party

September 24, 2010

So, we have shown you just a glimpse of how Savvy we can be. In trying to understand how to put together a blog. How to understand all the technicalities. And trying to understand all the ins and outs. We have not been able to show just how Savvy 'YOU' are, our loyal followers. If you notice we have tabs across the top of our home page that are sadly empty. These tabs are where we want and hope to showcase all that is Savvy out there in the 'blogosphere'. So until those technicalities are magically explained to us, this is how we will start showing you.
Our first official "How Savvy Are You" party comes from one of our dear friends, Suzy. She threw her daughter a magical Pink and Green Princess party for her 4th birthday. Every detail was Savvy perfection! Suzy made the majority of the pretty pink pieces you see. She used her Savviness to create adorable Styrofoam and ribbon topiaries, a shadow box, some scrapbook paper and rhinestones for a cupcake platter, and finally with some paint, more pinkalicious rhinestones and a clay pot, she was able to create delectable marshmallow pop centerpieces.

The adorable coordinating Birthday banner and cupcake toppers were from Ciao Bambino. The kids table, which was so perfectly set for a princess was dressed with hot pink polka dot plates and cups which was provided by The Celebration Shoppe.
Don't forget to click on the Image to see all of the AMAZING details!
Thank you so much Suzy for sharing these amazing photos and Savvy designs. You make party planning look easy!

If you have a party, idea, or event you would like to share, we would love to see your Savviness!!!! Send your photos and ideas to


  1. Hey....however you girls got two posts under your "How Savvy are we" is how you do it for the rest. I would guess there is a labeling process involved. Since I don't headers on my blog, I can't double check if there is a section to label headers. You can also try this:

  2. I pinned this page and it has been repinned many times and I gave you credit. Are you getting the traffic?