Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baked Apple Chip Recipe and Our 1st Giveaway!!!!

In each of our play dates we will have a yummy recipe to share with our followers. While for our “Apple of our Eye” play date we would have liked it to be Apple Fritters, Apple Pie, Apple Cookies or even Apple Pie Ice Cream (Have you tasted Dryers Apple Pie Ice Cream???? To die for) we again chose the healthy route thinking of our kids, and our thighs. So here is the Recipe for the

Baked Apple Chips….

You will need

Recipe calls for 2 apples….we recommend you double it and do 4 apples

Apple Chips are a healthy snack that our kids love. These are so easy to make and a great alternative to running to the store and buying a bag of potato chips.
Not only do we try to be Savvy about cost and nutrition, we also think being “Savvy and Going Green go hand in hand”. So we started using
snack bags… you use them???? If so great, you will love our giveaway. If not, we hope you enjoy these adorable snack bags from Sweet Things. There are so many benefits to snack bags, they are pennies compared to plastic bags. They are reusable, washable, they are stylish (since they can be made in several fun prints and colors) and earth friendly!!!

To enter our giveaway and receive 2 apple themed snack bags you need to do the following.

  • Become a Fan on our Facebook Page. Comment on your “Savvy” Green Skills
  • Become a Follower on our Blog. Comment on your favorite “Savvy” find from the Apple of my Eye Play Date.

Be sure to enter by Sunday. Who knows you may be the only one who enters!!!!


Amy & Bri


  1. I am a FB follower!! and I love reusable snack bags! (Kristal Kelley)

  2. Brianna and Amy,
    I am extremely proud of you. You both amaze me. I wish you the very best with this new venture.

  3. I'm a fan on facebook!! I love reusable bags for shopping and lunch and snacks.

  4. I'm a follower of your blog and I'm looking forward to learning more savvy skills from you two. I loved the apple boat recipe from the apple play date, I'm going to try that one with Mackenzie.