Monday, February 14, 2011

A little bit of LOVE


photography by Racz Photography

wet drooly KISSES from my kiddos

daily innocence and surprise of new found things

the way my kids smell after a bath

night time stories and bedtime prayers

the soft kiss of my high school SWEETHEART, now husband

the sun setting at the river when the water becomes cool and air smells crisp

the desert as the sun welcomes a new day & the sand is still newly packed from the night’s long breeze

Creamer with a splash of coffee

Red and white stripes

A good book

wearing black


A completed To-Do list

Flip Flops


Pony tails

A Pumpkin Spice Candle on a Cold Day

A worn in pair of jeans

The Smell of Gardenia's in the summer

Childlike moments with my Children

Making memories with friends and family

Warm clean sheets

red barns & bright red doors

freshly painted toenails

the completeness I feel as I stand in church and praise the Lord next to my husband holding our precious children's hands

Infectious Laughter

I LOVE You's.....



Photography by Racz Photography

the smiles I wake up to every morning

being crafty

watching the same chick flicks over and over again

shopping for NO reason

getting lost in a good magazine....sometimes a book


Milk and cookies before bed

playing at the river with family and friends

Starbucks any time of the day, even twice a day!


Baseball season

watching my kids laugh together

that my Hubby is my High School Sweetheart

A cold glass of Pinot Grigio on a summer day

the sweet smell of my baby boy

Girl time

a cozy blanket


When my little girl teaches ME something


laughing a good belly laugh

getting dressed up (with Heels)

living my life with Faith


Learning something new