Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seasonal Consignment Events: A New Savvy Trend!

We are thrilled to have our Friends Carrie and Jacey, the organizers of Moo LaLa Boutique, stopping by the Blog today.

These friends, and neighbors, are taking a 'Savvy' approach to shopping and saving.



Are you familiar with Consignment Sales? If not you will be addicted (we are) to the benefits Carrie and Jacey Share.

Take it away ladies~

A new concept in shopping is helping families stay within budgets when it comes to outfitting their children. Families once priced out of the name brand markets, are now able to purchase name brand clothing and baby gear for a fraction of the retail price. Seasonal consignment events are a new trend spreading across the nation as consumers learn about all the advantages of selling and shopping at them. So what is a seasonal consignment event? A consignment event is typically a sale that lasts 1 day to 1 week, allowing consignors to bring their outgrown children’s items to sell profiting up to 75% of their sales, and providing amazing deals to shoppers by taking advantage of the gently-used price. A benefit to all that are involved!

So why shop consignment? Clothing prices are expected to rise about 10 percent in coming months, with the biggest increases in the second half of the year Seasonal consignment sale shoppers receive steep discounts on name brand clothing, toys and baby gear, leaving more money in your pocket, avoiding the inflating costs of new clothes. You can typically expect to pay 30-40% of the original retail price. Most sales have a thorough inspection process to maintain the highest quality of items, making sure that you get the most for you money.

What are the advantages of selling at a seasonal consignment event? Consignors typically receive a larger percentage of the profit of their sold items as compared to a consignment store. Since these are highly advertised events and there are more shoppers passing through making it easier to sell items in a short amount of time, which translates to a quicker profit for the seller! Additionally, there is none of the hassle that comes with advertising and holding a garage sale and you are able to price your items at a higher price point than what you can expect at a garage sale.

What happens to the clothes that don’t sell? Typically, consignors have two options when it comes to their unsold items, they can pick them up or have them donated to a local charity that is arranged through the sale organizers. Since your closets are already cleaned out, this option is a great way to keep the clutter out and benefit others in the community.

So are you excited to shop at a seasonal consignment sale? You can visit Consignment Mommies to search for a sale in your area. Get ready to become addicted and save some MOOLAH!

SELL gently used items, SHOP for amazing deals, SAVE lots of MOOLAH!

Local ladies stop by Moo La La Boutique Children’s Consignment Event in Redlands, Ca March 11-13 2011.


Amy & Bri

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