Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little Wellies Cutie Patootie Onesie Dress and Tutorial

February 24, 2011

All we can say is that we Adore Little Wellies. Christina is one of those designers that ALWAYS gets it right. The fabric selections, the colors, designs and fit. We were so excited when she agreed to come and share some of her Savvy with all of you. We are certain that you will be smitten with Christina and her Little Wellies designs just like we are.

Without further Ado.....

hello from Little Wellies :)

i am soo pleased to be guest blogging for these savvy girls over here, and so excited to share this new diy: cutie patootie onesie dress with you (i'll soon be doing an upload of this style in my shop!). i like how you can take any onesie (that normally gets paired with boring pants) and make it into this fabulous dress. some gals like to cut the onesie in half, but i leave the onesie whole so my little bridgett's diaper isn't hanging out.

it's super simple. all you have to know is a straight stitch & a gather stitch. and if you don't, there is always youtube :) i love this style, because you can mix it up, funk it up, sparkle it up however you like. i'd love to do a bunch of sports ones for all my ny giant fans, a soft palette for easter with tons of ruffles, a snuggly fleece one for bedtime, oh i could just go on and on.. so anyway, lets get to it...

first cut your fabric (we'll just call each fabric by what it looks like

to try to make this diy simpler!) you'll need:

orange flowers fabric: 3" x 29" strip

pink chevron: the length of your onesie x 21"

see in picture below how i used my onesie as a guide

purple circles: 2" x strip the width of your onesie + 1"

gather stitch your orange flower fabric & pin right sides together to the pink chevron.

sew the right sides together, then zig zag the raw edges to finish them. flip it right side out & top stitch.

gather stitch the top of the pink chevron, then pin it where you want it to your onesie. make sure to not pin the front side to the back side. sew it to the onesie (hint: stretch the onesie as you are sewing the dress on, so that the dress is more roomy and not too tight).

flip the dress inside out, and sew up the sides (don't forget to zig zag the raw edges together).

after pressing your purple circle fabric strip, pin it over the gathered seam of the pink chevron.

finish the edge by folding in the end of the strip & backstitching over the two edges.

hem the bottom of the dress however you would like.

add a cute miss monster beanie & some baby legs..

and viola [!] cutie patootie onesie dress :)

thank you so much for reading along. i'd love to see your style, so if you feel so inclined please share photos with us over at Little Wellies on facebook!

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