Saturday, March 12, 2011

{Guest Blogger} Bamboo Pink Jewelry

March 12, 2011
Hi to all my fellow Moms out there...
I am a forty year old wife, mother of two beautiful children, part time consultant in the beauty industry and now helping to launch a new jewelry line called BambooPink. I love to teach and inspire other women to look and feel their very best. After turning 40, I realized that we as Moms, don't have to look old and "frumpy". We can still look "hip" before and after we turn the big 4-0. As a result, I created a You Tube Channel to help other women look and feel their very best - it's called The Hip Chick Online. If you join me you'll find videos on hair, makeup and outfits.

About a month ago, I heard about a new opportunity from a friend of mine in Dallas who was asked to help launch a new jewelry company. I am usually pretty skeptical about these types of businesses, but I figured "what do I have to lose?" and so I signed up. I am so glad signed up - this company is going to be AMAZING!

Why did I sign up with BambooPink?
BambooPink is backed by JudeFrances who sells beautiful high end jewelry at Neiman's and Saks. I don't think JudeFrances would put their name on anything they didn't truly believe in!
This beautiful fashion jewelry line will be priced at $19-$200.
This is truly a GROUND FLOOR Opportunity since the company has not officially launched yet. Sign-ups are FREE until March 15th.
I also loved the idea that I don't have to host the traditional home parties. I can sell via "virtual trunk shows", sell from my website and do a few parties with my friends.

Bamboopink will have one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry.
Since I signed up, I’ve been able to grow my team pretty quickly and wanted to share this opportunity with other Moms like you. I really feel that this will be an amazing opportunity and I'm excited to be a part of it.
I would love to have you on my team and I'll help you every step of the way. What are you waiting for? Sign up or email me for more information at
It's nice to meet other Mom's like me.

Hope you all have a GREAT day!


  1. I am loving the look of this jewelry...when does it come out to purchase?
    Sounds like a greet opportunity.
    Can I put in an order for some of the pieces in the pictures?

  2. Thank you for the comment! This line has not officially launched yet; I think it will be available for sale in April. Keep checking back...

  3. Looks like a beautiful line!

  4. Love this line and love Kim! So glad you posted about this exciting opportunity. Can't wait until the official launch. Polishing off my credit card in anticipation of a much needed addition to my spring wardrobe:D