Friday, March 25, 2011

Savvy Spring Wreaths

March 25, 2011

Spring is here! Time to start the season fresh with some Savvy Spring Wreaths that can easily be replicated! We hope you are inspired!

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This twig wreath is simple and classic. Add some colored eggs with vinyl lettering or scrapbook stickers and glue on. You can change out the wreath each season by adding real or fake summer citrus fruits, or fall leaves for some color!

Image courtesey A Diamond in the Stuff

This moss wreath is naturally beautiful! Your local dollar stores right now are a great resource when stocking up on items such as bagged moss, styrofoam rings, and other Spring decor/materials that you may need to create this look.

Image courtesey A Diamond in the Stuff

This square grass framed wreath is one of our favorites! The cost of materials on this one is next to nothing and makes the biggest statement!

Image Courtesey of A Soft Place to Land

We couldn't believe when we saw this one, that we were looking at a beautiful wreath made up of....Ping Pong balls!! Who knew ping pong balls could be so pretty?

Image Courtesey of Mary Janes and Galoshes

And finally, the simplicity of this one is what makes it so pretty! Brown paper bags, a scalloped paper punch and a styrofoam wreath lets you create this look!

Which one will you make?

Amy & Bri


  1. I've always had a soft spot for wreaths! Love that last kraft paper one!

  2. THANKS for some inspiration! I was just thinking the other day I need something new on my front door! They are all so cute!!! I'll share this on my fb fanpage, Pirates-n-Princesses! Come check it out!!