Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's your Story......Want it Published? {The Beyond Series}

March 23, 2011
We are excited to share with you a wonderful Opportunity to have your stories heard and published. A second book in the 'Beyond Series' is being put together and the authors are looking for submissions. The book will be titled 'Beyond the Diaper Bag'. It will be a collection of stories, tips and inspiration covering all topics from pregnancy to kindergarten. They can be funny stories about embarrassing situations your children have landed you in or inspirational stories about how you overcame obstacles, such as postpartum depression or how you finally got your baby to sleep. Submit any stories you like and if they are selected, they will be publish them in the new book!
So what is this series and who are the authors?

OK Ladies take it away.....

We are titling all books in the series with 'beyond' in the spirit of thinking beyond ourselves. You can see the facebook page for our first book here. We donate all authors' proceeds to charity. Beyond the Diaper Bag's proceeds are being donated to The Mommies Network. Below are the details of our contest. The deadline is set for 3/30.

Melaina Lausen and Megan Bekkedahl are the authors of The Beyond Series. They are both Air Force wives. The first book, Beyond the Clouds, was actually started as a project to keep Megan busy while her husband, Josh, was on a deployment to Afghanistan. He is getting ready for his third deployment this August. Megan's family is currently stationed in Los Angeles. She has two little boys Mason is 5 and Chase is 2.

Melaina is a stay at home mom and romance novelist. She has four children. They are currently stationed in Pensacola, Fl.

Things you need to know.
*While we don't have a specific word count, we'd like the stories to range from 1-3 pages, single spaced.

*All proceeds will be donated to The Mommies Network. If you are selected as a winner of this contest, the prize is purely being included in this book. There are no entry fees and no monetary prizes.

*Having trouble getting started? Here are some ideas!
We are looking for honest accounts of parenting... the things nobody is talking about, but everyone is dealing with. We want to help and inspire new moms who aren't sure if they or their child is 'normal'. I think we've all been there! Here are some topics-
-body changes
-emotional changes
-how hard it actually is versus the illusion of the 'perfect baby'
-when it's not what you thought it would be
-embarrassing or humorous situations

**be sure to include how you dealt with these situations, what you did to get through them and good advice you were given- or have to give.

Let's inspire some new mommies!


Amy & Bri

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