Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rainbow Crayon Holder

March 3, 2011

When I saw this idea from Mom's Crafty Space floating around on the Internet, I(Amy) knew I had to make it for our Rainbow Play date! Our kiddos are really into coloring right now and we, as always, are into organization. We just love how clean and pretty the crayons in our house now look sitting on a shelf in each of our kids playrooms. This crayon holder was so simple and Savvy to make! It also is a great way for your kids to learn their colors and a little organization too!
Supplies Needed:

1- 1x3 piece of wood

6 tin cups (I used a box of Del Monte fruit cups)

Spray Paint in all colors of the Rainbow (Acrylic Paint will work too)

6 screws and Drill


1. Paint your 1x3 white and let dry. (or any color you like)

2. Soak your fruit cups and peel off labels and left over glue (I just dumped all the fruit out into one large container to eat later)

3. Spray Paint your cups. This way is faster and easier but if you do not have all colors of the rainbow, acrylic paint works fine on these cups too.

4. Once dry, set on top of your 1x3 space them apart evenly and screw down in place.

Photography by Racz Photography

So simple. So Savvy. So Fun!!!!


Amy & Bri


  1. Such a fun and cute idea :) I know what I am making this weekend!!

  2. @Willwork4hair,Wood. Will add that to the post. Thanks for the question. @ Gina, so easy, enjoy!

  3. I LOVE how yours came out! I'm planning on making another one for my boys' colored pencils using the larger size cans, and I will most definitely be using spray paint next time too - so much easier! Fantastic job! :)

  4. I LOVE this idea!! So perfect to organize so many other things too if I just switch the colors. Thanks for sharing!